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Education Curriculum:

1. Hindi (written and spoken)
2. English (written and spoken)
3. Basic Mathematics
4. Urdu
5. Arts and Crafts – Students learn designing and making marketable products with
classes in basic stitching, embroidery, crochet, knitting, etc.
6. Moral Science - in Hindi from Class 2 and in English from Class 4.
7. Science - in Hindi from Class 2 and in English from Class 4.
8. Practical classes of Mehdi (Hina) from Class 4.
9. Computers from Class 4.

The curriculum is designed in such a way that the children first learn the languages. When they reach the point where understanding and writing is not a problem, other subjects like Moral Science and Science are taken up. Learning is difficult and boring if they don't understand. This is one of the many reasons why underpriviliged children drop out of school. Learning is made interesting by showing them cartoons on TV. Twice a week there is a games period and they have interesting projects of crafts, once a week. They are taken outdoors for science classes so that they can actually see what is being taught in class.

The school's aim is to educate the children to the level that by the time they reach Class 5-6, they are at par with children in other good schools. So that if they are willing to pursue education further, they can be put in formal schools. For girls who are meritorious and dedicated to pursuing further studies, the organization will seek sponsors for regular schooling/college. Children who are not able to get into formal schools, will be ecouraged to appear privately in High School Exams conducted by Aligarh Muslim University.

Plans to further enhance the curriculum include offering health and hygiene education including HIV/AIDS education. JYOTI KIRAN also plans to establish a placement service to help provide employment opportunities.

Employment and income generation are key factors in economic growth and poverty reduction.
Some proposed vocational training courses include:
1. Tailoring
2. Beautician's course
3. After hospital care, elderly care, basic physiotherapy
4. Cooking, baking and Food Preservation.
5. Motor Car driving.
6. Carpentry
7. Photography