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Year 2012-13
The number of children in classes Nursery to VI is now 105 . Two more good teachers have joined the school this year. One is M.Sc in Biochemistry and the other M.A. in Political Science and M.Lib.

On Dec 20th, the half yearly examination results were declared. The results were very encouraging. Most of the students secured over 80% and 15 students were promoted to the next class after half yearly exams.

Our school is making every effort to impart and maintain the best possible standard/quality of education with limited resources. From Nursery to Class 2, the focus is on languages. From Class 3, the children start learning Moral Science and Science in Hindi. Class 4 onwards, even these subjects are taught in English. For a child to study in English medium, it is important that he understands the language. In Arts and Crafts, children are also learning Knitting, Crochet , Hand-embroidery and Mehdi (Henna) art. Computers are introduced from Class 5 onwards. The school has 6 computers, so only 6 children can work at a time. Hands-on experience and good working knowledge of computers is essential to get a good job. So the school is in need of more computers.

Drop-out rate is very small; only those who move to another town drop out from school. The school is located in the prime location where renting even a small room costs Rs.1600 a month. So several families have moved to a locality which is very far and their children now have to walk several miles to get here. Apparently the school is so much fun to them that they enjoy coming and many of them come an hour early and stay late, doing their home -work and playing in the garden.