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Year 2008-09
July 16, 2008 was the first day of school. Against twenty planned, thirty children were admitted to Nursery Class. Keeping in mind their special needs, the school decided to make the first year of education more informal. The first hour comprised of watching cartoons and children’s films on TV. In the second hour they were taught Hindi language, art and painting in the third hour. And soon it was lunchtime, in which they enjoyed a good mid-day meal and ran around in the lawns and garden. After lunch, another hour of learning English language and then games. Children loved the routine and looked forward to coming to school. The admitted children were from ages 5 to 11, so as soon as they completed the course of one class they were moved to the higher class.

The first year passed very quickly and the results were amazing. More than half of them could now read Hindi on their own. They did extremely well in all subjects, taking into consideration that they had no support at home. Out of thirty students, five were promoted to Lower KG, seven to Upper KG and the rest eighteen are now in Class1. A good number of students got double promotion.