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Mrs. Parveen Mukhtar

Born and raised in a small town, Sitapur, in the state of U.P., Mrs. Parveen Mukhtar graduated in 1970, with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Aligarh Muslim University. At that time, the Engineering field was for men only. She was the first Muslim girl to graduate from the university. Shortly after, she got married and moved to US where she worked as a Design Engineer. Returning to India seven years ater, she took on the Director's position with a machine-building unit, which her husband had started. In the year 2002, she left the company to pursue her own business venture exporting handicrafts. She had always been very fond of children and teaching was one profession she admired the most. Being a successful businesswoman and extremely satisfied with all the God's blessings bestowed upon her, she decided to work towards a cause very dear to her, and it shaped up as a Learning Center for the underprivileged girls.

She has now retired from all her businesses and devotes full time to provide free education to needy girls. Besides teaching in the Learning Center from 8:30 am to 4 pm, she is involved in designing teaching methods to cater to their special needs. The results are extremely satisfying and she is herself amazed at the students’ performance. She is thankful to God, Almighty for providing her this opportunity.

Facilities provided to Jyoti Kiran Learning Center by Mrs. Parveen Mukhtar, FREE OF COST:

1 - SCHOOL BUILDING, which consists of the following

(a) seven classrooms.

(b) one large room used for lunch/TV and projector shows.

(c) one hall for Computer lab.

(d) one hall for sewing machines/library

(e) one kitchen.

(f) three toilets.

(g) one large room for storage. The room is equipped with three steel cupboards and four large metal trunks (boxes), which are used for storing stationery, clothing, art and craft supplies, games and sports equipment.

2 – a large playground.

3 - Diesel Generator Set for power backup.

4- six computer systems. Computer education has started from Jan. 27, 2011.

5- two sewing machines.

6- Seven steel almirahs, one in each classroom and two for arts and craft storage.

7- six office tables, one in each classroom and one in sewing room.

8- six office tables, one for each computer.

9- ten fans, two in each classroom.

10- four large aluminum boxes for storage of clothing and misc. items for children.

Besides donation in cash and kind, she devotes her full time teaching and supervising.